Positive Power and Influence is the world-renowned behavioural skills development programme that gives people the tools to achieve objectives and build positive relationships irrespective of their position in an organisation.

It’s a transformative experience grounded in a simple model of behaviour.

Our community of experienced facilitators and coaches create a psychologically safe space of support and challenge that mean every participant can be themselves and move out of their comfort zone.

The elegant design takes learners on a journey to understand their impact and how they can be more effective.

They build ‘muscle memory’ through extensive practise so that new behaviours are easy to access back at work.

We integrate your organisational context into the materials we use, so every programme is designed around your development priorities.

Practical tools and an online learning hub mean that programme alumni can continue to connect, learn, and develop beyond the programme.

We deliver Positive Power and Influence within organisations and as an open enrolment programme and can do that in virtual, in-person, and blended formats.

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We don’t need to sacrifice our relationships at work to get things done. Nor do we need to give up our goals for fear of damaging an important alliance.

When we’re intentional and flexible in our use of influence behaviours we can meet objectives and develop strong and trusting relationships at the same time.


With a toolkit of influence behaviours and strategies to hand, we can face into challenges and capitalise on opportunities; get ideas heard, tackle difficult conversations, galvanise teams, overcome roadblocks.


Knowing what influence behaviours to use and using them authentically allows us to overcome our fears and negative beliefs.

We can adapt to the situation, make objective choices, and maintain our presence and impact. Our personal blocks no longer diminish our performance.

Incredibly useful and well-structured training programme. Delivery was spot-on, the safe group dynamic was established quickly, ability to practise then get constructive and actionable feedback was brilliant. By far the best training course I have ever been on and one I feel will help me in my personal life as well as professional career.

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Positive influence is about taking an intentional view of how much energy you give to the task, and how much energy you give to the relationship, so that you get things done and build strong relationships.

Taking this intentional view means that we won’t force through our agenda at the expense of the relationship or avoid the task for fear of damaging an important alliance.

The Influence Model offers a toolkit of influence behaviours and strategies that enable us to maintain this balance. We can adapt our approach, make objective choices, and maintain our presence and impact, whatever situation we need to influence.

I was having problems getting people on side, and didn’t know why. I do now.

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