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Learning and context are inseparable to create a learning experience that yields long term results.

Our approach to social learning allows us to focus on:


We retain xx% of our learners, from first contact to final goodbyes. This correlates with high motivation and sustainable outcomes (research).


We work with you to integrate your organisational architecture and priorities into the programme.


Working together on a tangible problem or opportunity is a great vehicle for applying new skills, strengthening connections, and delivering concrete results.

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Positive Power and Influence is the world-renowned programme that develops the behavioural tools you need to achieve objectives and build positive relationships irrespective of your position in an organisation.

It’s a transformative experience grounded in a simple model of behaviour.

The elegant design takes learners on a journey to understand their impact and how they can be more purposeful and effective.

And whilst the design remains the same, every programme reflects the diversity of the group. The stories, strengths, and challenges that each learner brings define the context.

Whether you join a fully virtual or blended learning journey, you’ll experience engaging online content, small groups, peer coaching, and a personalised approach to your development led by exceptional facilitators.


A Consulting Approach to Product Design

Our Partnership with You

Measuring Success

A Consulting Approach to Product Design

Behavioural skills and flexibility will always be at the heart of what we do, whether it’s Positive Power and Influence or a bespoke programme that integrates with your internal models and culture.

Our modular design process means we can work together to build a product that is robust, flexible, consistent, and needs led.

You might want to build motivation for change, bring together a new team and focus on how to create organisational impact, or understand the individual and systemic resistance that’s disabling an important agenda. We’re confident that behavioural agility is a key ingredient for success.

And together we will design a product that delivers consistent outcomes for your people.

Our Partnership with You

The best work happens when our stakeholders see us as an extension of their team. When they know we’ve got their backs.

Once we’ve said hello and established a connection, we take the time to listen and understand your world. We understand the importance of clarity about roles, responsibilities, and timelines. We’ll present ambitious, creative solutions and help you build internal engagement and support.

Whether it’s a one-off programme or a full-scale global roll out, our project management skills and experience kick in, and we’ll take as much or as little of the strain as you need.

Measuring Success

Measuring success is always front of mind and we never under-estimate the challenge and the value of doing it well.

We integrate those tools into our consulting approach and the learner experience so that you get the data you need.

Our hope is that, throughout out time working together, we practice what we preach. So your objectives are met, relationships are built, and we learn through action and reflection.

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