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Chartwell Connect resources are available to all previous participants.


Alumni virtual sessions

Our free skills practice sessions for programme alumni are a chance to reconnect with other learners, share experiences, and offer feedback about our impact on one another.

We’ll use common workplace influence scenarios that challenge you to be intentional about your objective, influence style, and approach.

You’ll work as a small group of no more than 6 participants and a facilitator to create a rich learning experience.

Upcoming dates
Thursday 28th September
10-12pm and 2-4pm UK time
Friday 29th September
10-12pm and 2-4pm UK time
Tuesday 28th November
10-12pm and 2-4pm UK time
Wednesday 29th November
10-12pm and 2-4pm UK time
I have a dream . . . Sharing Visions

When Martin Luther King stood at the podium on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC, he did not inspire a generation by declaring ‘I have a great strategic plan.’ He said, quite simply, ‘I have a dream.’ And like many of the great speeches, he was...

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The Language of Influence

We all use combinations of influence styles to meet our objectives. But some situations will call for you to stay rooted in a specific style. There are certain words and phrases associated with each influence behaviour, which can help trigger the kind of conversation...

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Influence is Everything

We’ve been developing a global network of exceptional influencers for the past 40 years, and we know that influence touches everything that people and organisations need in order to thrive and succeed. Encouraging people to use their personal energy and resources to...

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