Changing behaviour

Transforming work

Developing agile behaviour is the core of our work

That’s the driver behind every learning experience we design and deliver, and it’s the barometer by which we measure success.

For our learners success looks like a positive mindset, enhanced confidence, curiosity about personal impact, behavioural flexibility, and excitement about what’s possible.

For our clients it means better conversations, stronger decision making, alignment around purpose and goals, and behaviours that catalyse organisational change.

We’ve delivered the globally renowned behavioural skills development programme for over 20 years.

The core concepts of Positive Power and Influence are in our DNA, and shaping the design and delivery of that programme to reflect the needs of our global clients means we know how to:

  • Simplify the content so that it’s meaningful for learners across the world.
  • Weave organisational contexts into the fabric of the work.
  • Harness technology for connection and real-world application.
  • Integrate current thinking about presence, impact, learning and leadership.
  • Navigate complex global projects at scale.

The Chartwell Learning approach means more focus on supporting learners to explore the core of who they are today and the possibilities for change, on understanding personal values and beliefs to create shifts in mindset, and on using practical tools so that change sticks.

Our team of psychologists, facilitators, and learning designers work alongside you to distil individual and organisational priorities into an experience that integrates your world into our change process.

Depth of experience and learning are at the heart of everything we do. We’re not interested in superficial experiences that give the illusion of change.

If it’s not built to last, it’s not us.

What’s it like to LEARN with us?

Our learners tell us that we create unique experiences that live long in both memory and impact.

Whilst those experiences can feel like alchemy, there’s no wizardry involved.

We’re always intentional about the ingredients – our Learner Experience, Design Methodology and Facilitation Approach create the magic.

Learner experience

Social Learning defines the journey.

When you join a programme, you join a learning community.

Your cohort members will act as coach, champion, and confidante throughout.

And our alumni community is there to support your learning and development into the future.

We’re passionate about cohort learning because it works, it lasts, and it’s fun.

You’ll follow a structured programme that is social, and action orientated.

Deep learning takes place during group interactions, through shared experiences, activities, feedback, and reflection.

As a member of the alumni community, you can join events, discussions, and networks that provide support, challenge, and sanctuary, as your world changes and demands that you change too.

Social Learning supports:

Accountability: you’ll set goals and challenges and use new skills to hold each other to account and, at the same time, build your own competency.

Application: you’ll use your learning straight away, during programme activities and in your work and personal life. Early application means you can adjust and adapt with support from your peers.

Adaptation: you’ll collaborate to create activities that meet your needs, influence your facilitators to focus on areas of interest, and have more say in how you learn.

Design methodology

The Change Equation is the core of our programme design.

Every module we deliver moves that equation forward.

Group exercises that generate Dissatisfaction with the status quo

Exploring new skills and behaviours to develop a Vision of what’s possible

Practical tools that clarify First Steps towards making change happen

Simple techniques to overcome our inbuilt Resistance to changing well-worn habits and patterns

Using that formula as the foundation means you hold a mirror up and see yourself as others see you.

Current Me: How do I see myself today? How do others see me? How do I want to be different?

Future Me: When I experiment with different behaviours, how do I see myself? How do others see me? What are the possibilities?

Authentic Me: How do I make this my own? What’s the gap between how I feel and my impact? How will I make it feel natural?

Facilitation approach

Psychological Safety is our north star.

When you feel safe you can work and learn at depth.

We value the diversity of experience and approach that our community of facilitators bring to the programme. They are talented coaches, consultants and psychologists who have worked across many industries and cultures.

Passionate about the programme and your learning, they deliver engaging content, facilitate clear, impactful activities, and offer personal insights and feedback that help you make meaning of your experiences and emergent thinking.

But their real skill lies in creating a climate of openness and trust that means you will:

  • See mistakes as an opportunity learn
  • Take risks
  • Speak your mind
  • Openly share stories and struggles
  • Support and challenge one another

When you’re in the room you’ll notice they take the time to involve everyone, hold the ground rules with a light but firm touch, and model positive behaviours.

They are flexible, working creatively with the group, and adapting to meet the needs of every learner so that you get everything possible from the experience.

All facilitators go through a rigorous accreditation process to deliver the Positive Power and Influence programme, and all commit to continuous development.