The Influence Questionnaire

1. I offer proposals vigorously and energetically.
13. I present clear, specific, and concise proposals.
25. I present proposals and suggestions convincingly.
37. I make suggestions relevant to the topic under discussion.
49. I volunteer possible solutions to problems being discussed.
61. I summarise facts and present conclusions to promote decision and closure.
2. I present arguments that are brief and to the point.
14. I support proposals with solid, logic and sound reasoning.
26. I encourage rational discussion of evidence.
38. I defend suggestions with logic and data appropriate to the situation.
50. I support proposals directly and concisely.
62. I defend ideas with reasons tailored to others' concerns.
4. I compliment others when they do something well.
16. I use praise to reinforce desired behaviour.
28. I give specific positive feedback.
40. I make others aware if they have made a mistake.
52. I tell others the negative impact of their behaviour.
64. I tell people directly when they do not meet expectations or requirements.
3. I tell others exactly what they are expected to do.
15. I let people know personal standards by which they will be judged.
27. I make personal needs known to others clearly and succinctly.
39. I repeat expectations until they are acknowledged or understood.
51. I make sure that other people know what I expect of them.
63. I state personal expectations or requirements firmly and directly.
5. I gain others' compliance by offering to personally help overcome obstacles.
17. I obtain others' support by offering something in exchange.
29. I bargain or negotiate to obtain personal objectives.
41. I hold to a position until others show a willingness to move toward agreement.
53. I exert pressure on people to achieve my objective.
65. I use power of position or authority to get others to comply with my goal.
6. I ask for others' opinions and suggestions.
18. I ask for contributions from individuals to encourage participation in a discussion.
30. I give people with opposing views a chance to be heard.
42. I actively seek others' contributions to a discussion.
54. I invite others to express their ideas.
66. I encourage others when they have difficulty expressing their opinions.
7. I listen carefully to what others have to say.
19. I listen carefully, especially when others disagree.
31. I listen for what others are feeling, as well as to what they are saying.
43. I test personal understanding of what others have said.
55. I paraphrase what others say to ensure understanding.
67. I summarize what others say in order to promote further exploration and discussion.
8. I share feelings or reactions openly with others.
20. I divulge information that others might find useful.
32. I reveal motives and intentions in a way that promotes trust.
44. I use candour in a way that encourages others to participate in a discussion.
56. I express my uncertainty or confusion.
56. I express my uncertainty or confusion.